Talk about variety! Patty of the Golden Dragonfly is herself an artist, and the wares she chooses to display reflect that talent. She has an abundant selection of jewelry to appeal to Celtic, Native American and garden variety senses. Magical headdresses to charm and delight you! Bags with or without fringe; with or without beads, shells and stones; small ones, medium ones, large ones; cloth, leather and the color selection is outstanding!

Patty always has something new and unique to delight the eye and the spirit! A talented needlewoman with a wondrous imagination, Patty creates gorgeous costumes and ritual clothing, including stunning cloaks.
NEW POD HATS  Pictues coming

Patty takes her caravan wherever the wind blows her. Like a good Dragonfly, she and her baroque belongings bring the golden sunshine of a delightful encounter to everyone, where ever she goes, at very reasonable prices. What more can you possibly ask for?You could ask for Classes please check out my new Classes( Leather Doctor Plague Mask Class)